Scott Mackie

Scott Mackie studied at Gray's School of Art in his native Aberdeen, and creates astounding and highly original works on vintage documents, magazine and journal covers, using a simple ballpoint pen. The results are totally unique and quite breathtaking. For example the exquisite equine portraits "Harness Your Hopes on Just One Person" was drawn on a page of a 1940s soldier's sketchbook, and "The Dancing Price" on a 300 year old Scottish legal document. Selected limited edition, numbered and mounted giclee prints are also available.

"Harness your hopes in just one person"

Original biro drawing on a 1940’s soldier’s sketch book page (roughly A4 size), framed


“I’m not here, this isn’t happening”

Pen and white Indian Ink on two 1940s Gwalior State bank documents.

Framed – total size 47x62cm


"The Dancing Prince"

Biro and gold ink on 1701 Scottish legal document


Float mounted and framed dimensions 80x53cm


"I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you"

Pen and ink on a vintage 1953 Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover


"Sometimes it’s better to laugh and walk away"

Pen and ink on a vintage 1946 Vogue pattern book

Mounted and framed


"Give away your heart for the last time"

Biro drawing on a 1949 vintage Vogue cover

Mounted and framed £395

"Letters from America"

Original ballpoint drawing on an old envelope with American stamps.

Framed and mounted.


"We might make out when nobody’s there"

Biro drawing on a 1924 vintage Vogue cover

Mounted and framed £395